Wooden Floors

Indelux is not only a supplier of parquet planks but it is also the manufacturer following up all the stages of production.

Starting with the selection of the wood type from our timber supplier and then transforming into planks with surface type required (i.e. from open pore to close smooth pore) then finish with eco-friendly process with a primer coat and in custom made colour which usually are given on an exclusivity basis to our clients.

Our wooden floor is engineered as to have a layer of solid wood of around 4-8mm glued or laminated onto a core board such as plywood to make the planks of flooring.

This technique guarantees a more dimensionally stable than all solid hardwood and can be installed on concrete subfloor or laid on specific flooring mattress (floating floor).  However, we can supply solid hardwood parquet in almost all type of wood, too; to be noted this type of parquet will necessarily need different installation procedure and subflooring conditions.

We can provide all kind of planks, up to 240mm width and 2400mmlong, with or without knots.

According to the choice of our clients we can supply other parquet grade type with different finishes be it with more knots ratio and with resin filler coloured, too. We provideall the necessary certifications such as CARB compliance (Carb1 and 2), FSC certificate, E1 formaldeide, CFLS1 fire proof for public.

We as Indelux can take care of the delivery on a door to door basis including all completion of custom formalities almost in the majority of world country; and if required we can provide also the installation of our wooden floor.


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