Fisher Island – Architectural Digest

On a private island just off the coast of Miami, in a large apartment “suspended” above the ocean.

Indelux, in collaboration with designer Sam Robin, delivers an ambitious interior design project with unique results in the brand-new residences on Fisher Island, the small private island just five kilometers from the center of Miami. A real paradise where recently-built Palazzo del Sol – ten floors in a Mediterranean style – hosts some of the most sought-after residences in the world. An elitist oasis where quality, research and Made in Italy are core values. A project carried out with the highest attention to detail, in which the casual yet refined interiors are defined by the rationality of clean and linear shapes and a palette of relaxing hues of grey. An apartment that appears to be suspended above the water. An incredibly bright space in which every element seems to be drawn towards the outdoors and chosen for its relaxing essence, to celebrate the spirit of the surroundings.

Most of the furniture has been customized and produced in Italy by Indelux, such as the bench designed by Sam Robin, positioned in front of the large glass windows in the living room.