Understanding people, creative imagination, quality design.

Shaping ideas, reflecting on the meaning of spaces and places while seeking harmony and balance. Building shared solutions by leveraging passion and creativity. Embarking on a journey that puts people at its centre, to create unique masterpieces whose soul encapsulates all the emotions experienced along the way.

We design environments and stylish products with passion and dedication, all over the world. Our company is the brainchild of architect Marco Allievi, drawing on his 30 years’ experience in international markets, and was founded in partnership with brothers Marco and Massimo Turri, top professionals specializing in the design and manufacture of custom-made furnishings.

Based in Mendrisio, Switzerland, the company develops and implements customized projects offering the very best in Italian taste and quality, bringing to the table professionalism and technical skills derived from years of experience in planning and building unique environments.

Villas, hotels, shops, yachts, offices and special bespoke projects operating at international level and radiating Italian style and quality, the result of teamwork and step-by-step coordination to create environments that transcend external beauty and functionality, perfectly reflecting the emotions of those who experience them.

Our projects include hotels, resorts, shops, private homes and offices owned by a sophisticated clientele who want to stand out from the crowd by giving free rein to creativity and imagination.

It is an ethical code that manifests itself in the way we manage each step in the implementation of a turnkey project, starting from a technical and economic analy-sis of the concept, and ending with the actual construction and interior design works.

Analysing spaces and needs and considering how to restore style and ambiance to an environment are the first stage in the process, throughout which Indelux pro-vides close support to the client, architect or designer.

The company’s successful foundations have allowed it to carry out ambitious projects all over the world, which are guided by achievable objectives and a consistently design-oriented vision.

Decorating each environment with a personal touch, keeping constantly abreast of industry trends and innovations, working in harmony with different partners and fully respecting our customers’ choices and wishes to create custom projects: this operating approach guarantees an exclusive and first-rate turnkey service, enabling Indelux to become a top-level player in the contract and interiors sectors.

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